CRBON Carbon Steel Fry Pan


This carbon steel cookware is 50% lighter than cast iron and heats up in nearly half the time, making it the preferred choice for many professional chefs who prize speed and precision in a restaurant environment. With exceptional heat distribution and responsiveness, the fry pan helps meat develop a deeply browned crust in no time and stir-fries to quickly cook and caramelize to perfection. Sloped sides make it easy to flip and toss ingredients. Although the pan has a black finish, it undergoes a blue annealing process – hence the name – which hardens the steel and makes it highly resistant to rust and corrosion.

    • Made of 2.0mm heavy gauge, annealed carbon steel for commercial-grade strength and natural resistance to rust and corrosion. 
    • Pre-seasoned interior and exterior provide a naturally nonstick surface that only improves with continued use.
    • Superior heat conduction for searing, caramelization and browning of meat, fish and vegetables.
    • Sturdy stainless-steel handle for a confident grip.
    • Ideal for use on any cooktop, including induction.
    • A Williams Sonoma exclusive.
    • Wash thoroughly with a small amount of mild dish soap and warm water.
    • Dry immediately after washing with a lint free cloth.
    • Place the pan on the stovetop on low heat.
    • Slowly adjust the temperature to medium-low heat allowing any remaining moisture to evaporate.
    • Using a paper towel, carefully and evenly apply a thin layer of high smoke point oil to the entire surface of the pan.
    • Tip: use a pair of tongs to hold the paper towel while coating the interior of the pan.
    • Once a layer of oil has been applied to the interior of the pan, adjust the temperature to medium-high heat until the oil begins to smoke.
    • Allow the pan to smoke for ~3 minutes.
    • Turn the burner o­ and allow the pan to cool completely.
    • To improve the non-stick, this process should be repeated after each use.
    • Tip: Avoid cooking delicate items such as eggs or fish until the pan has been used and seasoned multiple times.